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Eppendorf ThermoStat C


The ideal device to accurately set and maintain temperatures. The ThermoStat C features excellent temperature management. Precise temperature control is achieved using otionally balanced heating and cooling elements (peltier technology).

The operation is easier and more intuitive than ever before. Predefined temperature keys provide quick access to five important experimental temperatures (4°C, 16°C, 37°C, 56°C and 95°C). Due to comprehensive program functions, you can also individually store 15 programs. With an extensive range of exchangeable SmartBlocks, the ThermoStat C adapts to any application.

Application examples:

  • Gentle thawing and cooling buffers and samples at low temperatures
  • Preheating media
  • Biochemical reactions at low temperatures
  • Ligitation
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Denaturation of RNA, DNA and protein
  • Proteinase K digestions
  • ELISA assays
  • Immunprecipation
  • Cell lysis