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Desiccators function as a sealed container that absorbs moisture while simultaneously preventing an object stored within it from being exposed to any type of moisture.  Moisture-sensitive products or hygroscopic chemicals, such as cobalt chloride paper or alkali metals, are often stored in desiccators to not only prevent exposure to atmospheric moisture and humidity, but can also be utilized to remove traces of water from an almost-dry sample.  
Utilizing absorbing beads and other desiccants, desiccators will quickly absorb any moisture present, guaranteeing that sensitive material do not react to the surrounding environment before your procedure continues.  Durable and light-weight, the desiccators offered by can easily be moved around the laboratory and between work stations.  Able to be used to accelerate the cooling of heated, dry items and some models are auto-clavable and therefore, reusable. offers high quality Desiccators in both vacuum and non-vacuum formats.

Vacuum Desiccators

Vacuum desiccators come equipped with a built-in stopcock which allows internal air inside the desiccator to be evacuated to further reduce humidity levels through the use of a vacuum pump.  This is crucial in products that are extremely sensitive to moisture and humidity.  Vacuum desiccators are designed to provide greater stability and preservation of samples by fully removing moisture from nearly any material placed within them. offers several different desiccators which are manufactured with different materials.  You should choose a vacuum desiccator based on the comparability with the chemicals that you utilize in your laboratory.  If you are unsure with which desiccator to choose, please feel free to reach out to our sales team for assistance in choosing.  Designed to be light-weight, air tight, and with a clear lid to view any condensation or moisture, these vacuum desiccators are easily transported and stored to keep your materials safe from harmful moisture.

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