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Capp Rondo Plate Shaker


The CappRondo Microplate Shaker - The Ideal Micro Plate Shaker With The Smallest Lab Footprint 

The CappRondo Microplate Shaker is the ideal choice for your lab. The footprint of this micro plate shaker is as small as a 96 well plate itself, taking up as little benchtop space as possible. This Capp micro plate shaker has an orbital motion and adjustable speed up to 1,800 rpm. Thanks to the interchangeable clamps, included with the micro plate shaker, the CappRondo micro plate shaker can be used to shake or agitate all commonly used microplates or microtiter plates. This Capp micro plate shaker also ensures easy and convenient plate loading.

The Capp micro plate shaker provides stable, quiet and long-life operation. It also comes with a compact platform for 20 microtubes of 1.5/2 mL volume. The wide speed range of this CappRondo Microplate Shaker, from 300 rpm to 1,800 rpm, as well as the orbital motion of 2 mm (with a 1 mm radius), allows the user to perform a variety of numerous applications.  This includes a selection of plate shaking requirements found in protocols for PCR, ELISA, enzyme immunoassays, protein synthesis and pharmaceutical profiling. The vortexing motion of this unit thoroughly mixes the content of each well. This CappRondo MicroPlate Shaker can also be used inside cold rooms or fume hoods, and at temperatures up to 40°C.

The CappRondo Microplate Shaker features and benefits:

  • Exceptionally small footprint
  • Uniform shaking of all wells in a microplate
  • Accepts all standard microplates
  • Replaceable clamps for different microplates (tool free replacement)
  • Speed range from 300 rpm to 1,800 rpm (anti-spill operation)
  • Rubber suction cups for firm grip and stable operation
  • Adjustable timer range 1 to 99 minutes and continuous mode
  • USB port for remote control capability (on the model with the USB port only)
  • Data logger


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