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CELLTREAT Scientific Products is one of the best manufacturers of laboratory tubes and plastics. These plastic laboratory beakers parallel the quality of all CELLTREAT products. The beakers spouts are molded to prevent drips and be user friendly. In addition, the extended lip provides easy handling and gripping for everyday laboratory use. Each beaker is uniquely designed with stacking ribs, so that stacking is easy, and beakers will not adhere to one another. The beakers are non-sterile.

CELLTREAT beakers are designed with the user in mind, angled walls allow for convenient liquid handling and sample retrieval. CELLTREAT plastic beakers are sold in small case quantities, which make storage easier. These are the ideal beakers for small-scale laboratories or manufacturing settings.  Every lot of beakers are made with durable polypropylene material that is resistant to strong acids, bases and solvents. CELLTREAT polypropylene beakers come in a variety of volumes ranging from 30mL up to 600mL and are graduated for easy volume determination.

The CELLTREAT Product line is synonymous with quality and innovation. Their scientific products team is” dedicated to providing quality cell culture and liquid handling products, exceptional customer service and measurable value to the scientific research community. Whether you need centrifuge tubes, cell straining kits, filtration systems, storage or media bottles, Petri dishes, or inoculating tools, CELLTREAT is a one-stop shop for any and all cell culture and tissue laboratories. offers the CELLTREAT plastic beakers for your daily laboratory activities, they will save you time and save costs. They are a high-quality product for your solution handling applications. Common applications include, handling strong acids, bases and solvents. In addition, they are used for mixing and preparing solutions for experiments.

Popular Applications

  • Solution Mixing
  • Solution Storage
  • Reagent Preparation
  • Media Preparation
  • Cell Culture Media Preparation