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CAPP Rondo 3D Shaker


CAPP Rondo 3D Shaker - Quiet, Stable and Maintenance Free Operation

Driven by brushless DC (BLDC) motor technology, Capp Rondo 3D Shaker operates at a variable speed range from 10 to 120 rpm, providing stable, quiet and maintenance free operation. Capp Rondo 3D Shaker is the right choice for all, even extended run, applications.

The three-dimensional rocking and tumbling motion of this 3D shaker from Capp Rondo ensures throughout homogenous mixing of all of your samples no matter what kind of vessel they are being shaken in. Capp Rondo 3D allows you to save up to 9 individual shaking protocols, allowing you to save your favorite or most frequently used protocols for quick and simple recall when you need to run these programs often. Alternatively, or indeed additionally, you can also use the Run-Pause-Run pulse mode feature of Capp Rondo 3D with a programmable time interval ranging from 30 seconds to 99 seconds. This mode of Capp Rondo 3D provides you with even more vigorous shaking or mixing. This is ideal for agitating the most difficult to mix solutions. The operation of the Capp Rondo 3D Shaker can be programmed to run from 1 minute up to 999 minutes, or continuously in the infinite mode.

To assure ultimate stability on the bench, the Capp Rondo 3D Shaker is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, and a spiked rubber mat comes along with the equipment. Optionally, a sticky pad mat can be ordered. These inclusions and options provide you with the most stable unit possible, even during vigorous agitation the Capp Rondo 3D Shaker is not walking anywhere! The Capp Rondo 3D Shaker is also easy to clean and complies with Protection Class IP 21.

CAPP Rondo 3D Shaker features and benefits:

  • An operational capacity of anything up to 5 kg
    • Tumbling 7° movement, programmable from 1 minute up to 999 minutes, or continuously in the infinite mode.
  • Programmable unit with a speed range from 10 rpm up to 120 rpm
    • Capp Rondo 3D Shaker has Run-Pause-Run pulse mode, programmable from 30 secs to 99 secs.
  • Stable & quiet operation withRondo 3D Shaker
    • Spiked rubber mat (included), Sticky pad mat (optional). Providing the best possible stability and noise reduction

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