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CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker


CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker

With its operational capacity of 7.5 Kg, the CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker provides efficient and throughout mixing in an orbital (20mm) and linear reciprocating motion. The CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker has a programmable speed ranges from 50 rpm to 300 rpm and the time can be set up from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes. This provides the user with the optimal level of customization when setting shaking parameters.

Thanks to the BLDC (brushless DC) motor technology, the CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker ensures long-lasting, maintenance-free operation, without heat generation, which is ideal for extended run protocols and programs.

The CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker has multiple programmable modes, allowing the user to adjust options such as motion direction, speed, time, dwell time, sequence and loop operation. The user can program up to 6 individual protocols, each one with 9 additional sub-protocols. These programs can be saved for quick set up when running a particular program regularly.

The CAPP Rondo platform shaker can also be used as an orbital shaker. It is equipped with orbital mixing capability to offer you the flexibility you need to mix solutions or samples requiring orbital motion.

The CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker has multiple attachment platforms available for use with the unit, allowing it to be universally compatible with almost all commonly used vessels. In the event of a power failure, the Auto Power On option of the CAPP Rondo Platform Shaker will ensure that the run will continue for the remainder of the set program time.


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