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CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer


CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer

The CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer has a variable speed range from 200 rpm to 1200 rpm. The CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer is a compact microplate mixer requiring minimum benchtop space and easy loading, unloading and access to the individual plates.

The CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer enables thorough, simultaneous mixing in up to 4 individual microplates of various types. This microplate mixer is compatible with the majority of commonly used skirted microplates. Thanks to the 3 mm orbital motion movement, the CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer ensures ultimate mixing performance. Equipped with the brushless DC motor, this microplate mixer from the CAPP Rondo range is maintenance free and ideal for extended runs.

The CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer operates, with the variable speed range and small and compact design requiring a minimum benchtop space, via a digital display that gives the user an overview of the speed and time settings and parameters. The CAPP Rondo Microplate Mixer can be programmed for mixing in a time interval from 1 minute to 999 minutes, or without any time limits - in an infinite mode.

Equipped with rubber O-rings, this orbital microplate shaker from the CAPP Rondo range provides the ultimate grip for all 4 microplates being agitated. Loading, unloading and accessing individual plates are done simply and effortlessly.

The pulse mode of this CAPP Rondo microplate shaker enables continuous mixing in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. The mixing direction changes in a time interval from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. This Capp microplate mixer is also equipped with a last run memory feature, which gives the user the comfort of continuing their work in the same mode as previously used. This CAPP Rondo orbital microplate shaker enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

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