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CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller


CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller

A CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller is an ideal digital tube roller mixer for mixing or processing blood and other viscous liquids samples and liquid-solid suspension samples. Following the technology of all CappRondo benchtop instruments, the CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller is equipped with a brushless DC motor, designed for quiet and maintenance free operation, perfect for extended runs and a long operational lifespan.  A CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller accommodates up to 15 blood tubes of 7mL and operates by a rocking and rolling motion, ensuring throughout mixing of the samples or materials to be processed. Equipped with an intuitive digital display, a CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller enables easy setting of the speed, up to 80 rpm, and the time from 1 minute to 99 minutes, as well as saving up to 9 user defined protocols.

In order to ensure the most optimal mixing of samples or materials to be processed, the CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller provides a pulse mode with run-pause-run motion and variable time setting from 30 seconds to 99 seconds. This functionality essentially alters the rotational direction of the rollers, at user defined intervals, from clockwise to anticlockwise and vice versa. The 33 mm in length rollers of the CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller are both detachable and autoclavable, providing the user with increased safety and contamination resistance. These rollers can be removed without any tools, which allows for an easy and effortless installation, replacement and cleaning of the rollers. This blood mixer roller from the CAPP Rondo range is an efficient and compact instrument, taking up the least possible amount of your bench space. The fresh red color of this blood mixer roller from CAPP Rondo will add contrast and life to any lab environment.

CAPP Rondo Blood Mixer Roller features and benefits:

  • Efficient mixing of samples or materials to be processed
    • Ideal for blood samples, viscous liquids and liquid-solid suspensions.
  • Increased contamination safety
    • Detachable and autoclavable rollers. Roller length 33cm.
  • Maintenance free motor
    • Ideal for extended runs.
  • Increased user functionality
    • Programmable pulse mode.

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