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CAPP 384-Well Pipette Tips


CAPP 384 Well Pipette Tips

CAPP 384 Well Tips are designed for CAPP Aero 384 Multichannel Pipettes. The CAPP 384-well tips are great for pipetting into 16-, 48-, 64- or 384-wells. The CAPP 384 tips are one of the best tips for PCR, qPCR, all 384-well work under 50 uL, Micro Array and MALDI Spectrometry techniques. The CAPP 384-well pipette tips allow you to complete high throughput protocols using multi well plates without having to invest in expensive automated equipment.

CAPP 384 Well Tips are Low Retention

All CAPP 384 Well Tips are low retention for increased consistency and accuracy across your results and to eliminate sample retention. With an incredibly smooth inner surface there is nearly no sample binding within the tip, allowing you to dispense accurate amounts with each attempt. Made of virgin polypropylene and produced from high quality Swiss molds, these CAPP low binding tips are ideal when working with low volume samples where precision is a must. The low retention properties of these CAPP 384 Well Tips make them an excellent option for pipetting viscous samples that are often difficult to fully dispense. You can also pipette DNA, RNA, and protein samples, which commonly bind to pipette tips, with ease.

Samples including plasma, enzymes, frothing or foaming liquids, detergents, TRIS or BSA are all handled with easy by these low retention CAPP pipette tips without producing any waste or loss of sample. Their ability to dispense all sample help avoid discrepancies between different operators and increase accurate, reproducible results.  Manufactured in a sterile environment, each batch of CAPP low retention pipette tips are RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free certified.

CAPP 384 Well Tips are available in Filtered and Racked/Sterile packing ranging in volumes from 0.2-50 uL. The Filtered version of these pipette tips prevent cross contamination between samples along with protection against the dangers from toxins, infectious, radioactive or otherwise hazardous material carry over.  These tips are also compatible with nearly all pipettes out on the market.

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