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Dispensette Analog and TA Bottletop Dispenser


Analog Dispensette III and fixed volume models have the same features as digital models but with analog style adjustment.

Dispense metered amounts of hydrofluoric acid safely, reliably, and accurately with the new BRAND Dispensette HF bottletop dispenser from BrandTech Scientific. This new dispenser brings the convenience and safety of the Dispensette line of dispensers to the dispensing of hydrofluoric acid in concentrations up to 52 percent.

The Dispensette HF utilizes the SafetyPrime valve to allow air bubbles to be purged from the system without dispensing - reducing spurting during priming and saves reagent. Its integral safety discharge system reduces the risk of inadvertent dispensing if discharge tube is improperly mounted or missing.

The Dispensette HF is equipped with a discharge tube safety cap to help protect against reagent contact. The safety cap may be easily attached and removed, when wearing gloves. 

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If you are concerned about the chemicals you are dispensing and or have specific questions related to the chemical compatibility then please give us a call at 800-243-3232