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BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser


BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser - An Economical Wiping Seal Dispenser

The BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser is an economical wiping seal dispenser suitable for many commonly used reagents in biological, clinical, medical, and chemical laboratories. Buffers, bases, culture media, even sodium azide solutions, can all be dispensed easily and precisely with this BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser. A full list of suitable reagents and liquid types for use with this BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser can be found in the user manual. Sterile dispensing of media or agar can be performed with additional accessories that are optional on the BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser. For example, for serial dispensing the optional flexible discharge tube can be used with the unit.

The BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser simplifies dispensing with its notched volume selector for quick and exact volume adjustment. The BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser also features a spring-driven refill function for semi-automatic operation, and the innovative design of the BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser permits simple disassembly and rapid replacement of wearing parts, extending the lifetime of the instrument. This unit is also autoclavable (except for the pump assembly and dispensing cartridge; simply remove these first.) at 121 °C (250 °F), 2 bar absolute (30 psi) with a holding time of at least 15 minutes according to DIN EN 285 guidelines. 

What does the BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser come with?

  • Spare discharge tube
  • Spare filling tube
  • Spare dispensing cartridge
  • 2 polypropylene adapters (GL45/33 and GL45/S40)
  • Operating manual
  • 1 year warranty

BrandTech Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser features and benefits:

  • Suitable for dispensing various liquids. Seripettor Bottletop Dispenser is ideal for many commonly used reagents in clinical, biological, chemical, and medical laboratories.
  • Dispenses weak acids.  It precisely dispenses measure volumes of polar solvents, isotonic solutions, methanol, alkaline solutions, and acetylacetone.
  • Quick, easy, and precise volume adjustment. The Seripettor simplifies dispensing with its notch volume selector.
  • Can be easily disassembled. The unique and innovative design makes it easy to disassemble and rapidly replace worn parts to extend the life of your Seripettor.
  • Mounts on most common reagent bottles. Seripettor has a 45 mm thread and 45/33 mm and 45/38 mm adapters.

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