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Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser


Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser - Setting the New Standard in Bottletop Dispenser Innovation

The Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser is a revolutionary bottletop dispenser with a unique approach to bottletop dispenser technology. The integrated solar panels of the Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser supply the energy required for the electronic components and display. This means that more charging or changing of batteries is required, thus eliminating the traditional drawbacks to electronic bottletop dispenser technology over classic manual bottletop dispensers. Power supplied through the solar panels on the Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser runs the easily readable, large LC display on each unit. The Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser provides a serial, bi-directional interface in combination with liqui-soft 2.0. This permits process control, test protocols and automatic calibration. The automatic calibration is enabled throught the liqui-soft feature. With the Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser there is no loss of reagent due to the user-friendly reagent recirculation system which makes the unit more efficient and economical with valuable reagents or liquids.

This Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser titration unit with a reagent recirculation system for manual titration directly from the reagent bottle, and which has power supplied by a solar cell, is available in three different volumes - 10 mL, 20 mL and 50 mL. The unique and advanced energy concept of incorporating this solar technology, combined with precision results, sets standards as the world's first digital burette with integrated solar cell, setting new standards in innovation. The power supply for the electronics and display is derived exclusively from the integrated solar cell. Batteries can be completely disposed of. Easily replaceable valves, individual calibration with "Quick-Cal" and permanent storage of the manufacturer's calibration facilitate rapid and flexible adaptation and recalibration. The vivid digital display prevents meniscus reading errors and is always clearly visible, regardless of the viewing angle. The handwheels, with their soft touch surface, are ergonomically optimized for extremely precise control.

Hirschmann Solarus Dispenser features and benefits:

  • Power supplied by a solar cell
  • Free rotation
  • Media recirculating system for simple and rapid venting without reagent loss
  • Easily replaceable valves
  • Handwheels with soft touch surface
  • Clearly legible display, regardless of the viewing angle
  • A light protection window for the valve block is also included in the scope of delivery
  • Individual calibration of user-specified adaptations with "Quick-Cal"
  • Serial bidirectional interface (RS 232 and USB)

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