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Benchmark TC-9639 Gradient Thermal Cycler


Benchmark Thermal CyclerFull Size Cycler, Gradient Technology, and a Multi-Format Block for Maximum Utility

Benchmark’s TC-9639 is a high-tech solution for medium to high throughput PCR work. Originally, the T-9639 was a powerful tool for labs performing PCR and was able to provide consistent, reliable results, but since March 2018, Benchmark has updated the software in the TC-9639 to be capable of gradient heating. The TC-9639 features a fantastic, large, color, touch-screen along with a program wizard including 10 preinstalled programs and the choice of either a multi-format block or a 384-well sample block.

Heating Technology and Compatibility for the Modern Laboratory

Benchmark wanted to make more than just a Thermal Cycler; they designed and then re-designed software for the TC-9639 Gradient Thermal Cycler and now users can set up a gradient heating system for their experiments. Heating and cooling of the heating block are precisely and accurately controlled by the advanced software.