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Benchmark Accuris MyVolt Mini Power Supply


MyVolt Mini Power Supply by Benchmark Accuris

Accuris Instruments designed the myVolt Mini Power Supply to have a small footprint and provide the performance for basic electrophoresis applications. The Mini Power Supply can provide 100 VDC or 200 VDC output and the two sets of output jacks allow connection of 1 or 2 gel tanks. The two sets of output jacks allow you to run 2 gels at a time increasing productivity.  The outputs are wired in parallel. This electrophoresis power supply is specifically designed for research only and not ideal for medical, clinical or diagnostic applications. The myVolt Mini Power supply is stackable which saves you space by keeping the footprint the same, and still increasing the amount of electrophoresis gels you can run at one time.

The myVolt Mini Power Supply is a great option for running basic electrophoresis applications that require constant voltage applications.  The myVolt Mini is one the best options for supplying the voltage needed to run DNA, RNA, and protein electrophoresis.  myVolt Mini delivers the performance and dependably required to separate DNA, RNA or protein by size and charge. The myVolt Mini maintains constant voltage throughout electrophoresis ensuring proper and robust band formation.  myVolt mini matches your gel running needs and is ideal for protein and nucleic acid separations.

Popular Applications: 

  • DNA Electrophoresis
  • RNA Electrophoresis
  • Protein Electrophoresis

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