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Benchmark Accuris MyVolt Touch Electrophoresis Power Supply


Benchmark Accuris MyVolt Touch Electrophoresis Power Supply 

The ideal choice for protein and nucleic acid separations the Accuris myVolt Touch is a dependable electrophoresis power supply that includes all of the capabilities and specifications needed for efficient separation of nucleic acids and proteins. Accuris myVolt Touch is perfect for horizontal agarose and vertical acrylamide electrophoresis gels. The myVolt Touch incorporates some very unique user-friendly features.  The Accuris myVolt Touch is equipped with an intuitive and user friendly touch screen for easy operation. The myVolt Electrophoresis Power Supply features “Dual Orientation” technology, so it can be placed horizontally or vertically on the Laboratory bench. The display screen system is designed to recognize its orientation and the display will rotate automatically to be right-side-up.

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