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Benchmark Multi-Therm Heating & Cooling Shaker


Benchmark Multi-Therm Heating & Cooling ShakerMulti-Therm Heating & Cooling Shaker by Benchmark

The Multi-Therm shaker is a temperature controlled vortexer. Despite its modest 8 x 11 in. footprint, Benchmark’s Multi-Therm heating and cooling shaker is compatible with all popular tubes and plates, including as many as six 50ml tubes. The user friendly and intuitive LCD screen of the Multi-Therm heating and cooling shaker make it easy to monitor parameters.

Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD screen, simultaneously showing both actual and selected values. Benchmark’s Multi-Therm heating and cooling shaker’s integral over-temperature control ensures long life, safety and sample integrity.

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Blocks (Sold Separately):

  • H5000-02, Block for  96 x 0.2mL Tubes or 1 x PCR plate
  • H5000-05, Block for 54 x 0.5mL Tubes
  • H5000-CMB, Block for 15x0.5mL Tubes & 20 x 1.5mL Tubes
  • H5000-15, Block for 35 x 1.5mL Tubes
  • H5000-20, Block for 35 x 2.0mL Tubes
  • H5000-12*, Block for 24 x 12mm Tubes (Max. speed: 1200 rpm)
  • H5000-150*, Block for 12 x 15mL Tubes (Max speed: 750 rpm)
  • H5000-500*, Block for 6 x 50mL Tubes (Max. Speed: 750 rpm)
  • H50000-MP*, Block for 1 x microplate (Ambient -10° to 80°C)
  • H5000-DWMP*, Block for 1 x microplate, deepwell (Ambient -10° to 80°C)            
  • H5000-WB*, Block for multi purpose for water, beads, etc. (4x2.6x1")
  • H5000-1232, Block for 24 x 2mL AutoSample (HPLC) vials (12x32mm)       
  • H5000-025, Block for 48 x 250µL vial insert (6x30mm)
  * The larger mass of this block results in a temperature range of ambient -10°C to 100°C