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Precision Moisture Analyzers from Scientific Industries Torbal


Precision Moisture Analyzers – ATS & BTS Series Impressive Performance at an Even More Impressive Price Torbal Precision Moisture Analyzers

ATS and BTS Series Precision Moisture Analyzers – Powerful Halogen Heating in a Compact Modern Design for Everyday Use

The Torbal ATS and BTS Series of Precision Moisture Analyzers are perfect for everyday moisture analysis. They are designed for repeated use, allowing users to program in options to streamline usage. Furthermore, the ATS and BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers allow capability for convenience both in storage space and connectivity. All ATS or BTS Series Precision Moisture Analyzers are capable of a maximum drying temperature of 160°C and can dry for up to 10 hours at a time. These analyzers are capable of 200W drying power.

The difference between ATS and BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers

  • BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers have a readability of 0.01 grams and a maximum capacity of 110g
  • ATS Precision Moisture Analyzers extend that readability to 0.001 grams and are offered with a 60 gram or 120 gram maximum capacity

Torbal designed the ATS and BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers for outstanding convenience and compatibility. All models are equipped with USB type B, RS232, and PS2 ports to connect peripherals as necessary. Furthermore, the Precision Moisture Analyzers allow for external calibration and feature a drying chamber with a viewing glass to make sure users can monitor their experiments as necessary.

Torbal Precision Moisture Analyzer Graphic DisplayDespite the compact design, and along with the powerful load-cell, the ATS and BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers also come pre-equipped for a variety of functions.

  • Statistics Features
  • 4 Drying Profiles
  • External Temperature Calibration
  • Report Printing via Peripheral Connectivity
  • 20 Slots for Memory Parameters
  • On-Screen Chart Plotting

Powerful Load Cells

ATS and BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers are equipped with Torbal’s extensively developed powerful load-cells. These load cells are specially heat treated and aged so that performance is maintained over long periods of use.

Easy-to Use

To promote ease-of-use, ATS and BTS Precision Moisture Analyzers have a graphical LCD screen with clearly laid out options and information. The user interface is intuitive and simple as to clarify navigation and display. These machines were developed for user convenience, and all software, hardware, and outside design combines for an easy to understand experience.