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Sartorius Quintix Balance


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The Sartorius Quintix Balance Gives You Convenience and Precision 

Benefits of the Sartorius Quintix Balance

  • Intuitive interface. The Sartorius Quintix is equipped with a large high resolution color touch screen, self explanatory icons, built-in applications, and an ergonomic design.
  • A variety of weighing measurement tasks. 11 built-in application including Mixing, Components, Statistics, Checkweighing, Density, Weighing, Conversion, Peak Hold, Unstable Conditions, Percentage, and Counting.
  • Convenient data transfer through USB port. Easy to transfer data to your PC without the hassle of additional software.
  • German design. The Quintix Balance weigh cells are mounted on a solid, aluminum alloy base plate, this allows the balance to be extremely impervious to ambient conditions like temperature changes and vibrations.
  • Highly accurate. Completely automatic internal temperature and time controlled adjustment options (isoCAL) giving you the most precise results.
  • GLP-compliant documentation. The Sartorius Quintix is able to generate GLP-complaint documents which saves you time and effort.

What is included with the Quintix Balance?

  • Universal power adapter
  • In-use cover 
  • Application guide 
  • Dust cover for analytical balances
  • 2 year warranty

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Catalog # Description   Price Qty
Quintix1102-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 1100g Capacity, 0.01g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix124-1S Quintix Analytical Balance, 120 g Capacity, 0.1 mg readability, BNWmore...
QUINTIX125D-1S Sartorius Quintix 125D-1S SemiMicro Analytical Balance, 60/120 g Capacity, 0.01/.1 mg Readability, Internal Calibration, BNWmore...
Quintix2102-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 2100 g Capacity, 0.01g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix213-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 210g Capacity, 0.001g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix224-1S Quintix Analytical Balance, 220g Capacity, 0.1mg Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix3102-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 3100g Capacity, 0.01g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix313-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 310g Capacity, 0.001g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix5100-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 5100g Capacity, 1g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix5101-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 5100g Capacity, 0.1g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix5102-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 5100g Capacity, 0.01g Readability, BNWmore...
Quintix513-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 510g Capacity, 0.001g readability, BNWmore...
Quintix612-1S Quintix Precision Balance, 610g Capacity, 0.01g Readability, BNWmore...

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