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Balances (High-Performance Cubis)

Weighing with a Completely Modular Design to Configure Your Lab Balance 

Balance Configuration Options | Cubis Balancefrom Sartorius

Design Flexibility allows you to integrate each Cubis into your workflow, whether you need to weigh 0.001mg or up to 70.2kg











The Sartorius Cubis line of balances are the highest performing balance on the market.  Available as an analytical balance, precision balance, or regular balance, the Sartorius Cubis provides the highest accuracy even for the smallest sample quantities. 

Featuring a flexible design that can be customized to adapt to any laboratory weighing need, the Cubis balance line is the ideal balance for any application.  With a unique modular design allowing interchangeability between displays, control units, weighing module, interface, and more, the Cubis is the solution to any laboratory need.

Each Cubis Balance can combine up to three modules: a weigh module, a control & display unit, and a draft shield

Weighing Modules

  • 3 ultra-micro and microbalance units with 0.0001mg or 0.001mg readability and maximum weighing capacities of up to 6g

  • 3 semi-microbalance modules with 0.0mg readability and maximum weighing capacities of up to 220g
  • 6 analytical balance modules offering 0.1mg readability and weighing capacities of up to 520g
  • 22 precision balance modules with varying readabilities of 1 mg to 100 mg and maximum weighing capacities of up to 14.2kg
  • 6 high-capacity precision balance modules with maximum weighing capacities of 20.2kg to 70.2kg

Display & Control Units

  • MSA Display & Control Units (Top-of-the-line module) - Integrates Touchscreen with customizable apps to your processes and workflows.  High resolution color TFT display that is tiltable as well as removable. 
  • MSU Display & Control Units (Classic and universal module) - High-resolution black and white display with keys for activation of a variety of functions.  Titlable and removable display.
  • MSE Display & Control Units (Simple weighing module) - Designed for weighing without workflows.  With a liquid crystal display coming in black and white that is removable, the MSE Display and Control Units are simple yet effective.

Draft Shields

  • A variety of draft shields are available for everything from filter weighing to a module with a built-in ionizer.  These draft shields are operated via automatic opening through side keys, manual touch, or touch-free IR sensors that are optional while providing learning capability.  The motorized draft shields are manufactured from either high-quality 100% glass as well as stainless steel draft shields to improve readability of those small samples.


Whether you need to measure out 0.000001 grams of sample or 10 kg of sample, Sartorius provides the best weighing solution available.  With the Cubis Balances from Sartorius, you can rely on continually accurate, reproducible measurements each and every time.

Sartorius Cubis Balance

Sartorius Cubis Balance

Sartorius Cubis Balance is the ideal balance for pharmaceutical labs as well as any lab looking for a high capacity lab balance. It is the first balance that automatically checks, performs and documents its exact leveling. You can choose from thousands of options to configure your perfect balance to meet your needs.
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Sartorius Cubis Precision Balances

Sartorius Cubis Precision Balances

The Sartorius Cubis Precision Balances have a large, high-contrast liquid-crystal display, an easy to understand menu guidance with short text prompts, clearly structured keys for precise activation of functions and designed mainly for weighing with maximum accuracy and without complex workflows.
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Sartorius Cubis Analytical Balances

Sartorius Cubis Analytical Balances

Sartorius Cubis Analytical Balances have a high resolution, generously sized, monochrome graphic display, keys that feature positive click action and precise activation of functions, and classic key operated controls combined with the widest range of performance features.
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