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AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer


AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer by Labnet  

Labnet's new AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer is ideal for the small to middle throughput Laboratory that requires even and consistent sealing of microplates. AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer offers complete versatility. The AccuSeal will accept a full range of plates for PCR, assay or storage applications, and can be used for standard height to deep well plates as well.  Operation is user friendly and easy, sealing parameters are set and displayed via the user-friendly control interface, and the sealing operation is automated to ensure consistent results.

The AccuSeal's Control System features are intuitive with a layout that allows optimal settings for all types of plates and sealing material. The MODE button allows you to choose the parameter you would like to control including Sealing Time or Sealing Temperature. You can then use the convenient turn knob to change settings to match your specific needs.  Temperature can be exactly set in increments of 1.0°C, and time in increments of 0.1 seconds. The sealing procedure is robust and simple. Easy to use and intuitive, all you need to do is place a microplate in the open drawer, place a heat seal on top of the plate, and press the SEAL button. The motorized drawer will automatically close, the heated sealing platen will press firmly down on the seal and plate for the precisely set time, and then the drawer will open to present the sealed plate.

Flexibility and Handiness

Labnet's AccuSeal accepts a variety of plate types, plate heights and plate depths. The aluminum adapter is used for PCR and standard assay plates. The motorized heated platen adjusts automatically for different height plates and provides even pressure to ensure a quality seal. The platen incorporates a special non-stick coating, but if cleaning is necessary, an access door can be opened on the side of the instrument.

Labnet’s Accuseal is an ideal plate sealer that can match your project goals and plate sealing needs.

AccuSeal Semi Automated Plate Sealer Benefits

  • Works with a Wide Range of Microplates and Heat Seals
  • User-friendly control Interface
  • Large Digital Display to monitor All Parameters
  • Adjustable Sealing Temperature ranging from 100°C to 190°C
  • Exact temperature, timing and pressure for consistent sealing