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AccuPet Bottle Top Dispensers


AccuPet Bottle Top Dispensers

The AccuPet Bottle Top Dispenser is an ergonomically designed bottle top dispenser that is ideal for quick and easy use. The AccuPet Bottle Top Dispenser offers stellar performance in addition to being extremely durable and reliable. This is achieved by ensuring that only the best quality raw materials and components go into the manufacturing process of the AccuPet Bottle Top Dispenser for superior product quality. The AccuPet Bottle Dispenser is calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited calibration facility. Precision, with absolute accuracy and reliability, is the trademark of the AccuPet Bottle Top Dispenser.

AccuPet Bottle Top Dispenser

The eco-friendly re-circulation valve prevents liquid waste while the unique piston mechanism provides accurate and easy dispensing of liquids. The universal bottle adapter allows the unit to fit almost any bottle of your choice. Additional useful features include the locking mechanism, dual graduations for easy set volume identification, 360 degrees dispensing for ease of use, spring-less valve for long-life, easy re-calibration, conductive handling, uncomplicated mounting on bottles, volume lock and telescopic filing tube.