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AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath by Corning-Labnet


AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath

The AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath is a mini compact dry bath combining digital control, a fast heating microtube block and a convenient AccuRack™ transfer system, all in one ultra-compact footprint. With a temperature range from ambient to 100°C, which can be set in increments of 0.1°C, Labnet's AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath is suitable for a range of uses in life science, molecular biology, environmental and industrial laboratories and a variety of applications including incubation, enzyme reactions, immunoassays.

The small size of the AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath allows it to find a find a place on even the most crowded laboratory bench top and it is easy to transport. The heating element of the AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath is controlled by a microprocessor to provide precise and accurate control of the block temperature. The temperature is easily set in 0.1°C increments, using the soft touch buttons while values are shown on the easy to read 4 digit LCD display. A digital timer allows for continuous or timed operation and an audible signal alerts will when a timed application is complete. A built-in calibration mode allows end users to calibrate the AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath as needed.

The precision machined aluminum block of the AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath quickly reaches the set temp and facilitates efficient transfer of heat to samples. The integral block accepts up to 12 x 1.5 mL tapered microcentrifuge tubes and there is also a thermometer well for temperature confirmation and calibration. The top surface of the block is covered to protect users from the hot block surface while the block itself is anodized to impart corrosion resistance. The included AccuRack™ is designed to allow quick loading or unloading of all sample tubes simultaneously, improving efficiency. The rack fits conveniently onto the top of the unit and does not interfere with sample tube fitment. The AccuRack™ is self-standing and can be used to hold samples while they are prepped for loading. Samples can also be loaded directly into the AccuBlock™ Mini without the Accurack™.

AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath features and benefits:

  • Accurate temperature control from ambient to 100°C.
  • 12 x 1.5 mL tube capacity.
  • Precision LCD digital display.
  • AccuRack™ transfer rack included.
  • Compact and convenient.
  • Continuous or timed operation.

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