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384 Liquid Handling

Pipetting into 384 multi-well plates has become more and more common in life science laboratory settings. offers manual and electronic 384 well pipettes for your research projects and 384 well protocols. As always, the most important aspect of pipetting is consistency and producing reproducible results. has a wide selection of 384 well pipettes to meet your needs and application parameters.

Multichannel manual and electronic pipettes are the ideal way to dispense small quantities of sample in an efficient time into multi-well plates. 384 well plates are a staple in drug screening, ELISA protocols and PCR applications in most laboratory settings.  It is crucial that the scientist is equipped with the most reliable, durable and accurate 384 well pipette to streamline projects. In addition, carries ergonomic 384 well pipettes to protect the scientist from strain and increase productivity. offers 384 well pipettes from leading manufacturers including  CAPPEppendorf 384 Well, Thermo Fisher  and many more.

Capp Aero 384 Pipettes

Most applications that deal with 384 plates utilize costly automated systems. Capp Aero 384 Pipettes are one of the best options for quicker and highly precise pipetting of 16, 48, or 64-wells without the need for automated equipment. Commonly used in pharmaceutical, medical, military, academic, and government laboratories, the Capp Aero 384 Pipettes are great option to increase the speed of your projects while still getting the accurate results you want. 

Eppendorf Research plus and Xplorer plus 384 Well Plate Pipettes

Pipetting into 24, 96 and 384-well microplates can be time consuming and difficult. Eppendorf multichannel Research plus and Xplorer plus pipettes are great options to handle working with 384 well plates efficiently. The lightweight Eppendorf Research plus or electronic Xplorer plus 8 and 12-channel pipettes are ideal for 96-well plates. These pipettes allow you to get a higher volume of precision work done.

Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip Single channel, Multichannel, and Adjustable Spacer Pipettes

The Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip Multichannel Pipettes are general purpose electronic micropipettes that operate on the air-displacement principle. They work best and only with the Thermo Scientific ClipTip pipette tips. They are a great option to perform sample transfers between virtually any tube, rack, microplate or horizontal gel box quickly and efficiently to streamline your projects. 

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CAPPAero 384-Well Pipettes| 16-, 48-, 64-Channel Pipettes Pipettes for 384-Well Plates

CappAero 384 Pipettes

Capp 384 Pipette is designed for all 384 well liquid handling work and is available in 16-, 48-, and 64- channels.
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Eppendorf 384-Well Manual and Electronic Pipettes

Eppendorf 384-Well Manual and Electronic Pipettes

The Eppendorf 384-Well pipettes are equipped with SOFTeject technology that reduce ejection forces, the same technology is found in all Eppendorf multichannel pipettes. In addition, all microliter pipettes up to 1000 microliters by Eppendorf are designed with a spring-loaded tip cone for easy tip attachment.
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Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip™ Electronic Pipettes

Perform sample transfers between virtually any tube, rack, microplate or horizontal gel box quickly and efficiently with the Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Equalizer Pipette. Adjustable tip spacing allows you to set the distance between tips by simply sliding the scale to expand or contract to the desired labware format.
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