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A Pipette Stand Will Reduce Cross-Contamination

Pipette stands and pipette carousel stands for all major pipette brands including Gilson™, Rainin™, Eppendorf™, Biohit™, Themo Fisher™, Socorex™, and Heathrow Scientific™, are now available at Not only do we have universal fitting pipette stands, we also carry carousels and chargers designed specifically by pipette manufacturers for their own brands.

How useful is a pipette stand?

Pipette stands will organize your bench space and decrease damage to your pipette as the nose cone will no longer touch the counter, drastically decreasing cross contamination. A pipette stand will also store your pipette upright and keep your pipette within reach. A pipette stand is ideal for all lab technicians. It is able to hold a single pipette to up to 6, depending on specific stand.

Make sure to check whether your pipettes will fit in the stand as well as accommodate your needs, for example rotate or charge. If you have any questions regarding which pipette stand to purchase, contact at 800-243-3232.

What kind of pipette stands does offer?

  • Carousel Stand
  • Charging Stands
  • Manual Pipette Racks
  • Pipette Stands that hold a single pipette to up to 6
  • Pipette Tip Disposal Box

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