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Oxford Lab Products Benchmate C12V Centrifuge


Oxford Lab Products Benchmate C12V Centrifuge

The Oxford LP BenchMate C12V Centrifuge - Simplified, Powerful Centrifugation.

This compact, easy to use centrifuge comes with an intuitive and simple interface for quick and convenient setting adjustments. All centrifugation needs can be performed up to the max. speed of 15000 rpm (15596 x g), while having the ability to store 99 programs, with 4 lines per program. You can also store, view and run all of your programs on a computer, via a USB port.

BenchMate C12V Centrifuge features and benefits:

  • Max Speed of up to 15000 rpm (15596 x g) with a range of 500 to 15000 rpm.
  • Microprocessor controlled, with last run memory feature – save up to 99 programs.
  • USB port for programming via a computer and remote operation.
  • Unique airflow design – ensures less heat generation and less noise (< 60 dB).
  • Adjustable timer - 30 secs to 999 mins, or infinite mode.
  • Small footprint to save valuable bench-top space.
  • Suitable for use in fume hoods and cold rooms.
  • Brushless DC motor for a more robust and powerful performance.
  • Can take up to 12 tubes of 1.5/2 mL size in the aluminum rotor and screw on metal lid (included, and fully autoclavable).
  • Optional PCR Tube Strip Rotor (Part #C12V-PCR-Rotor): 2 x 8 PCR tubes (0.2 mL tubes) rotor.
  • Comes with adapters for 0.2 mL tubes and 0.4/0.5 mL tubes.
  • Dual shell metal enclosure and imbalance detection with auto cut-off safety system.
  • Lid safety interlock and auto lid open.
  • Quick acceleration and deceleration time.
  • Large back-lit LCD display shows multiple parameters at once.
  • One touch short spin centrifugation.
  • Automatic internal diagnosis and error display.
  • Speed setting by rpm and RCF modes.

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