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Click To Open Expanded temperature range. Fail-safe over-temperature protection. Switchable turbo fan. Digital microprocessor. Labnet’s 311 and 611 High Performance Incubators feature a broad temperature range and a digital microprocessor for precise control. Incubator temperature is set and displayed digitally. Temperature is easliy set using the membrane keypad. The chamber is jacketed in warm air from all sides, including the door. Heating can be set to gravity convection, or for more rapid temperature change and better uniformity, mechanical convection. An independent safety thermostat protects the incubator and its contents in the event of a primary controller failure. All electronics are located away from the chamber, protected from heat related stress by a cooling fan.
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I5311-D Digital Incubator, Model 311d, BNWmore...
I5319 Extra Shelf For 311d Series Incubators, 12 X 33 In, BNWmore...
I5611-D Digital Incubator, Model 611d, BNWmore...
I5619 Extra Shelf For 611 Series Incubators, 52 X 48.3cm, BNWmore...

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